March 10, 2019

Amazon Presented an Interactive Map of Earth

Advocate General Giovanni Pit Zela stated that EU law in this area should be interpreted in a way that guarantees the highest level of consumer protection, without infringing upon the freedom of organizing the entrepreneur, unless it is strictly necessary to apply this protection.

Effective consumer protection does not involve a commitment to a specific way of contacting (for example, by telephone), but to guarantee consumers the most effective channels of contact. Obliging the entrepreneur to use, for example, a telephone to contact with customers, could mean an inappropriate burden on the business, especially a small enterprise, which does not have such capabilities as Amazon - said the spokesman.

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In this connection, the Advocate General proposed that the Court should state that for distance contracts and off-premises contracts, the list of means of contact (telephone, fax, e-mail) contained in the Directive is only an example and the trader is free to choose the means which it makes available to consumers. It can be either telephone or e-mail as well as on-line chat or call back by call center. If only they would - as the directive wants - ensure quick contact and effective communication between the consumer and the entrepreneur, and provide information in a clear and comprehensible form.

The Advocate General also came to the conclusion that, even if the company has a telephone line, it does not necessarily have to be made available to consumers. Of course, provided that other shared contact channels ensure that the objectives of the directive are achieved. Therefore, according to the spokesperson, the German law should be changed, because the current regulations, requiring businesses to provide telephone number in each case, are incompatible with European law.

The shadow and Mr. Wednesday are back on Amazon Prime Video. The 2nd season of the "American Gods" debuted on the basis of Neil Gaiman's book.

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After months of waiting and behind-the-scenes problems, among others the departure of the current showrunners, Bryan Fuller and Michael Green, the series finally returns to the screens.

In the first season, Shadow, in which Ricky Whittle impersonates, ends his sentence for beating. He can not wait to return to his wife and old life, which he made unnecessarily complicated. Just before leaving, he learns that his wife, Laura, and his best friend, Robbie, died in a car accident. The confused and lost man is hired by the mysterious Mr. Wednesday (played by Ian McShane). The hero goes to a hidden, full of magic, mythological world in the middle of a conflict between old gods and new ones growing in strength. Mr. Wednesday creates an army, wanting to regain his lost glory. This is certainly an unusual situation for the Shadow.

American Gods will viewed from March 10

The season has 8 episodes, and the new show-runner is responsible for it. It is Jesse Alexander, who has had, among others, "Star Trek: Discovery" and "Hannibal". He and Neil Gaiman, the author of the literary prototype, will be in charge of the premiere episodes.

In addition to the above-mentioned actors who received the main roles, we will also see Emily Browning as Laura Moon, Pablo Schreiber (Mad Sweeney), Orlando Jones (Mr. Nancy) and Yetide Badaki (Bilquis). We will not see Gillian Anderson, who played the goddess Media. The actress resigned from appearing in the series after leaving it by the current showrunners. The heroine Anderson will be replaced by a new character named New Media - she will be played by Kayhun Kim..

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